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It looks like Cartoon Network will NOT be bringing the Sailor Starlights series over and airing it. Pretty much due to the fact that all the Starlights are lesbians dressed in bondage gear.

videos going away...

Most of the Sailor Moon DVDs have not had their liscense reneewed by Toei, so grab 'em while you can.
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WooHoo! I finally won an award. This site has been ranked as a Links2Go Sailor Moon Key Resourse page. I ranked #21 on their list. I am very, very proud of this. And it's thanbks to the viewership of all you wonderful people that made this possible. Thanks.

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That's right! I finally fixed and update dthe gallery. It went from about 10 pics with mostly broken links to the full size pics to a full 115 pics with full size links that WORK! Yay! 6/15/00

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Sailor Moon is about a bunch of girls and two cats who are fighting the mighty Negaverse and preventing it from taking over Earth, as it did the moon.
Serena, who is Sailor Moon, was once the MoonPrincess, who was one day to be married to Prince Darien, who was first known to the Sailor Scouts as Tuxedo Mask. One day that all changed, when Queen Barryl of the Negaverse launched an attack on the Moon Kingdom, and ultimatley succeeded. Before the conquest was complete, Queen Serenity sent her daughter and most of the Royal Court to Earth to save them, and to save the Earth. The known members of the court are Litta, Sailor Jupitor; Ami, Sailor Mercury; Rei, Sailor Mars; Minna, Sailor Venus; Darien, Prince Darien or Tuxedo Mask, and their guardiens, the cats Luna and Artemis.
Serena in everyday life a major crybaby who is always late for everything, including Sailor Scout Meetings! She is almost always hungary and never does her homework, and somehow has time to lust after Andrew at the arcade and Tuxedo Mask!
As Sailor Moon her special attack is her Moon Tiarra Magic where she throws her Tiarra at the enemy and turns them to Moon Dust. She also has her wand which she uses for her Moon Healing Activation, which can return people posessed by the Negaverse back to their normal selves.
Ami is an incredibly smart girl with a special talent with almost anything computer related. She seems to be the most level headed of the Scouts.
As Sailor Mercury, Ami's special attack is the Mercury Bubble Blast, which sends a mass of bubbles into the area causing a dense fog which is dificult to see in. This gives Serena a better shot with her Tiarra.
Rei is smart, but yet somewhat childish and always arguing with Serena. She too seems to drool over Tuxedo Mask, and eventually starts to date Darien, unknowing he is Tuxedo Mask.
As Sailor Mars her special attack is Mars Fire Ignite. This attack shoots a barrage of flames towards the enemy. This attack is often used to boost the powers of Sailor Moon's Tiarra.
Litta is the violent one of the group. Before being transfered to Serena and Ami's school she had been kicked out of schools for fighting. She also seems to have a crush on Andrew at the arcade.
As Sailor Jupitor her special attack is Jupitor Lightning Crash, which sends massive lightning at the enemy. This attack is sometimes used with Serena's Tiarra to give a boost.
Mina seems to be a kind girl, who can escape from her popularity as Sailor V just by going around as her normal self.
As Sailor Venus, her attack is the Venus Crescent Beam Smash. It's a powerful beam used to stun or wound an enemy. Good for making an opponent reel, or halt them from suing a special attack of thier own.
Darien is a good guy, tho he gets his shots in at the Scouts when they aren't in Scout form, of course, he doesn't know they are the Sailor Scouts. He was rather fond of calling Serena Meatball Head. For a long while Darien himself doesn't even know that he is Tuxedo Mask.
Tuxedo Mask is the stranger who saves the Scouts when they are in desperate trouble, and gives them advice. His mark is a rose, and he wields it well. It is used mostly to halt an enemy's attack, but is also used as a weapon sometimes, such as when he hits Zoicite in the face with one and it cuts her.
Luna and Artemis are the Scouts' Guardian/Advisor cats. Luna is black and Artemis is white. They have thier share of lines and cracks at the Scouts, most of whcih are aimed towards Serena.
The Moonlight Knight appears in Sailor Moon R. (which starts right after the Scouts defeated Queen Barryl, for all you people that have only knowledge of the US DIC release of the series) His style is much like Tuxedo Mask, appearing when the Scouts are in trouble, his mark being a White Rose. He is a part of Darien, something like his fighting spirit that watches over the Senshi while he doesn't remember he is Tuxedo Mask.
Reeny, or Sailor Chibi-moon is Serena and Darien's daughter from the future. As of now all that is really known of her presence in this time is to retrieve a crystal, which is the crystal in Serena's Pendant, the Silver Emperium Crystal. She doesn't actually know Serena is her mother.

This Anime is HILLARIOUS! This show is now on Toonami on the Cartoon Network!

Scouts' Original Japanese Names

Serena - Tsukino Usagi
Amy Anderson - Mizuno Ami
Raye Hino - Hino Rei
Lita - Kino Makoto
Mina - Aino Minako
Tuxedo Mask - Tuxedo Kamen
Darien - Mamoru
Rini - Tsukino Chibiusa

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