Sailor Moon CD - US Release

Track 1: Sailor Moon Opening Theme
Track 2: I Wanna Be a Star!
Track 3: My Only Love
Track 4: Call My Name(And I'll Be There)
Track 5: Oh Starry Night
Track 6: It's a New Day
Track 7: Carry On
Track 8: Rainy Day Man
Track 9: Only a Memory Away
Track 10: She's Got the Power
Track 11: Sailor Moon Ending Theme
This CD was released on February 27th, 1996. It SHOULD be available at almost any Music store around you, I've heard that you can usually find it in stock at Media Play. You may have to special order it. In any case, it'll probably be in the children's section. It comes in a Blister Pack with a special sing along book.
All the songs are studio tracks, so there are no character voices interferring with the music. My personal favorites are "Carry On" and "She's Got the Power." General thoguht in the newsgroups seems to label "She's Got the Power" as the worst on CD. Oh well. "Call My Name" sounds remarkably like "I'll be There For You" by the Rembrandts.

There is also a Story Adventure cassette available that contains the story for the episode about Mr. Baxter, the gardener.

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