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Hi there! Welcome to Zanth's Corner. This is where you get the pleasure, or displeasure, of finding out just who the hell I am. Come on in!

My name is Andrew James Fors. I was born on May 2nd, 1979 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Actually, I guess it was Murray, Utah, but who's counting? It's close enough!
MeMy family moved to Great Falls, MT, in 1983. I was 4 then, and I really don't recall a lot of Great Falls. There I began school at Sacajawea Elementary. I do, of course, remember some of my good friends and would love to talk to them again... so if that's you, drop me a line! You know who you are...
in 1987, we moved to Bismarck, ND.To the right, you probably see a picture. That's me in early 1999 I think, maybe late 1998, I can't recall. Anyway, I attended Robert Miller Elementary here until 5th grade, when I transfered to Centennial Elementary. I proceeded to Hughes Jr. High and Century High School, from whence I graduated in 1997. I am currently employed by Sam Goody.
These days I reside in Mandan, ND, which is just across the river from Bismarck. Graduated from College and working retail. Oh yeah, I've gotten far.
Some of my hobbies are watching and collecting Anime, rocking out to my favorite tunes and messing around with the 'puter. Oh, and of course just hanging out with my friends. Some of my favorite Animes and bands have pages featured on my site! Be sure to check 'em out!
I guess that's me in a nutshell. I might add stuff here from time to time, so if you care, stop back!

Well, I found a filled out E-Mail "Who the Hell Are You?" Survey thing, so I posted mine here! Also, for all you browsers from the YtseRadio page.. here is my CD List.
Drop me a line!

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