Ranma 1/2:
The Quotes

This page is devoted to the MANY quotes from Ranma which you find yourself repeating over and over again annoying the hell outta your buds that don't know what Ranma is. =) Hope you like this page!

And besides, I'm better built to boot! -Ranma-chan -TV Series Vol. 1

Ranma, what happened to you? You're all dried up! -Mousse -Cat-Fu Fighting

You are SO uncute! -Ranma -Various Times

It's a cute dolly. -Tatawaeki Kuno -TV Series Vol. 2

Be SILENT Woman! -Tatawaeki Kuno -Big Trouble in Nekonrun, China

Listen up numbskull, if Kasumi isn't back by dinnertime, we're gonna have to eat Akane's cooking, and if we do that, man oh man we're gonna wish we were lost at sea! -Ranma -Nihao My Concubine

Who are you calling P-Chan? -Ryoga -Various times

What've you doen to Shampoo, you dried up monkey? -Mousse -Desperately Seeking Shampoo

What? I'm more disliked than Mousse? -Ranma -Desperetely Seeking Shampoo

If you don't give Akane back, you'll all die....from her terrible cooking! -Ranma -Big Trouble in Nekonrun, China

Hiryuu shoten ha! -Ranma

Baksai tensetsu! -Ryoga

Ranma, you PERVERT! -Akane -Very Often

Where in the world am I now? -Ryoga -An Akane to Remember

Who are you? -Shinosoke -An Akane to Remember

Why, the living billboard, who else? -Shinosoke's Grandfather -An Akane to Remember

No! Don't eat that! You'll die! -Ranma -Akane and Her Sisters

Look at it, Jolly Green Giant meltdown, if you'd been cooking we'd all be dead by now. -Ranma -Tendo Family Christmas Scramble

Kasumi, did.. SHE.. help with dinner? -Soun -Akane and Her Sisters

Never fear! Mr. Happy is here! -Happosai -Nihao my Concubine

The world... is a dark and lonely place. -Ryoga -Nihao my Concubine

You jackass, you didn't have to show him my chest! - Ukyo -Ukyo Can Cook

Sleeping in Akane's bed again, eh Mr. P? -Ranma -Ukyo Can Cook

I am revived! -Kuno -One Grew Over the Kuno's Nest

This is just a little start, if you have some quotes, or notice one of mine is incorrect, let me know! E-Mail me!
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