Ranma 1/2: Cast of Characters

Ranma Saotome:

Main character of series. Turns into a female version of himself whenever he's splashed with cold water. This effect is reversed by hot water. Engaged to Akane Tendo against his will. Says she is 'uncute.' Ranma seems to develop more of an interest in Akane as the series goes on.

Genma Saotome:

Father of Ranma. Turns into a Giant Panda when splashed with cold water. Set up engagement of Ranma and Akane with his best friend, Soun Tendo.

Akane Tendo:

Fiance of Ranma. Engaged to Ranma against her will. She is VERY violent, and also somewhat of a Tomboy. Although she always says she hates Ranma, states he's a jerk, she does seem to care, until Ranma insults her. Then she promptly smacks him, usually very hard. Akane is also an AWFUL cook.

Soun Tendo:

Father of Akane, Nabiki and Kasumi. Crybaby of the series. Set up engagement of Ranma and Akane with Genma. VERY protective of all three of his daughters.

Nabiki Tendo:

Sister of Akane. The money conscious Tendo sister. Always scheming ways to make a few Yen.

Kasumi Tendo:

Sister of Akane. The Tendo family cook. Kasumi also seems to never have a clue to what is really going on. Once when Ranma was fighting someone, Ryoga I think, Kasumi stated, "They're such good friends."

Tatawaeki Kuno:

Furinkon High's biggest pervert. Can't make up his mind between his Pig-tailed Goddes(Ranma in Female form) and Akane Tendo, yearns to date them both, and is constantly beat up by both. Kuno is known to go around quoting Shakespeare saying things that make no sense according to the situation. Calls himself "Blue Thunder."

Kodachi Kuno:

Psychotic sister to Tatawaeki Kuno. Runs around laughing psychotically in a leotard lusting after her "Ranma honey."

Ryoga Hibiki:

The Eternal Lost Boy. Ryoga has the worst sense of direction in the world. He sometimes can't even find the exit to a house, even after being told where it is. Ryoga longs to be with Akane forever, and hates Ranma for the things he's done to Akane, mainly treat her badly. He also turns into a little black Pig named P-Chan by Akane when splashed with cold water.


A Chinese Amazon woman who is in love with Ranma. She is bound to her Amazon law to marry Ranma, because he defeated her in combat. He wants no part of this. Shampoo turns into a small white cat when she is splashed with cold water.


Another Chinese fighter. He is in love with Shampoo, tho she says she hates him. He hates Ranma for "stealing Shampoo away from him." Mousse also is nearly blind without his glasses. He once mistook a stuffed pig for Akane. Mousee turns into a small white duck with a funky haircut and glasses when doused in cold water.


The leader of Shampoo's Chinese Amazon tribe, also her grandmother. Cologne is dead set on getting Ranma to marry Shampoo, tricking him many times into feats nearly impossible, but Ranma always outsmarts her and avoids a wedlock with Shampoo. Called "Old Ghoul" and "Granny" by Ranma.


Genma and Soun's master. Happosai is said to be the heart of all evil in Japan. He is a great martial artist who has a nasty habbit of collecting women's undergarments. Happosai is often called "Old Letch," "Old Goat" and just plain pervert by a great many people.


Loyal retainer to Tatawaeki Kuno. Sasuke seems to try and take charge of a situation for Kuno, and always manages to bothc it up, often getting Kuno intead of his adversary.

Ukyo Kuonji:

Ranma's "cute fiance." She at first wants to kick Ranma's butt for leaving her behind, when Ranma really had nothing to do with what happened. She then decides she'd rather date him than kill him. She wields a wicked spatula and is an excellent cook.
Well, this is all for now. I hope to add more characters soon, and eventually have graphics of each character.
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