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What is Ranma 1/2 ?

Here goes, Ranma 1/2 is a Japanese Animation about a bunch of teens(mosty teens anyway) who have problems. First there's Ranma. While he and his father were training at the cursed springs of Jusenkyo(SP) he had a little "accident." He was knocked into a spring by his father, and he is now forver cursed to take the body of a young girl when he gets splashed with cold water, returning only when splashed with hot water. Of course, his father, Genma, couldn't escape a curse as well, his being a giant panda bear.

Ranma's problems don't stop here, he has been engaged to his father's best friend's daughter, Akane, against his choice. Akane isn't too thrilled either. It was her, or one of her two sisters, Nabiki and Kasumi. Akane was nominated because she hated boys, and Ranma was half girl.

As you get into the series, more people arrive, Kuno, who can't decide between his pig-tailed goddess(Ranma in female form) and Akane Tendo. Then comes Ryoga, who turns into a little black pig called P-Chan, who loves Akane. After Ryoga, we meet the twisted sister of Kuno, Kodachi. More come, which just means more lovable characters to fall in love with, and more trouble for Ranma and Akane! This is a VERY excellent series, I highly recommend it!

Airing times in various countries

    Ranma originally aired on TV in Japan from 4/15/89 - 9/25/92

    Viz Video releases semi-monthly video tapes of the TV Episodes, OAVs and Movies dubbed into English or English Subtitled with the original Japanese Voices. These are UNCUT versions, just like the what was seen in Japan.

    Ranma 1/2 aired on Korean TV but, it was an extremely cut version.

    Ranma 1/2 aired on French TV but, it was also a very cut version.

    Ranma 1/2 is airing on Italian TV but, like the others that play on TV, CUT.

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